RPO Models Overview

Discover the perfect RPO model tailored to meet any recruitment challenge, no matter the size or scope. Our global RPO teams ensure that you have access to the best future-ready talent across various professional, leadership, or high-volume roles

Full-Cycle RPO

Experience a comprehensive, start-to-finish recruitment strategy, from job requisition to onboarding. Our full-cycle RPO solution provides a dedicated team of recruiters embedded directly into your business, crafting a recruitment process uniquely designed for your needs.

Partial-Cycle RPO

Ideal for those exploring RPO benefits without full outsourcing. This model covers critical stages of the recruitment process, enhancing your internal team’s capabilities. Our RPO experts work seamlessly with your staff to elevate the recruitment experience.

Project RPO & Recruiter On-Demand™

Tailored for flexibility and scalability, this solution is perfect for managing recruitment surges or specific roles efficiently, without the overhead of traditional recruitment agencies.

Modular RPO

Select from our “Amplifiers”—a range of modular recruitment solutions perfect for strengthening your recruiting efforts as needed. Each solution targets immediate talent acquisition goals, ensuring significant business impacts.

High-Volume RPO:

Merge rapid technological advancements with a personalized candidate experience for unmatched recruitment scalability. Our proprietary tools, including our AI-driven Affinix™, offer an efficient, mobile-first approach to managing large-scale recruitment needs.

Consultation for Unsure Clients

Not certain which RPO model suits your needs? We’re here to help! Connect with us, and we’ll collaboratively design a recruitment plan that aligns with your goals.

Crafting Optimal Solutions for Your Needs

Embrace our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services to streamline your hiring processes. We offer comprehensive solutions that blend cutting-edge technology with our recruitment expertise, significantly reducing time-to-hire and operational costs while attracting top talent tailored to your business needs.

Offshore Research Specialists

Empower your projects with our team of offshore research specialists who deliver meticulous and comprehensive data analysis to inform your strategic decisions.

Offshore Dedicated Recruiters

Enhance your talent acquisition with our dedicated offshore recruiters who are experts in pinpointing the ideal candidates for your unique needs.

24/7 Sourcing IT

Ensure your IT requirements are met around the clock with our 24/7 sourcing services, designed to keep your operations smooth and efficient.

Bench Marketing

Maximize your resource utilization with our bench marketing services, strategically positioning your idle talent to ensure they are ready and visible for the next opportunity.
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